In Hungary, the monthly minimum wage in 2022 is approximately HUF 167,400, which is equivalent to 556 USD This makes Hungary the country with the lowest minimum wage among the European Union countries.

The average monthly employee salary in the country is around 493,000 HUF. Surgeons and doctors are among the highest-income professional groups in Hungary. On the other hand, it is observed that freelance workers receive the lowest salaries.

Minimum Wage in Hungary: Current Look at 2023

The average monthly minimum wage in Hungary is 167,400 HUF, that is, 556 USD, as of 2023.

Information on Minimum Wage in Hungary for 2020

In January 2020, Hungary determined the minimum wage as 161,000 HUF, that is, 575 USD.

Change in Hungarian Minimum Wage by Years

Let’s take a look at the table below, which shows the change in the minimum wage in Hungary over the years.


Hourly Minimum Wages and Salaries in Hungary: 2021 Statistics

The hourly minimum working wage in Hungary is on average 963 HUF as of 2021, that is, it is calculated as 3.20 USD.

Overview of Employee Salaries in Hungary

The average monthly salary of a typical worker in Hungary is 493,000 HUF, or around 1638 USD.

The lowest average monthly salary is 125,000 HUF, i.e. 415 USD. On the other hand, the highest monthly average salary was recorded as 2,200,000 HUF, i.e. 7,378 USD.

While surgeons and doctors are among the highest-paid professional groups, self-employed workers are among the lowest-paid.

Doctor Salaries in Hungary

The average monthly doctor salary in Hungary is 1,160,000 HUF, that is, 3857 USD. Doctor salaries vary depending on specialty, branch and experience.

Additionally, the lowest monthly average doctor salary in Hungary is 425,000 HUF (1413 USD), while the highest doctor salary is 1,960,000 HUF (6518 USD).

Nurse Salaries in Hungary

The average monthly nurse salary in Hungary is 371,000 HUF, that is, 1233 USD. Nursing salaries vary depending on the field of specialization, branch and institution where one works.

The lowest average monthly nurse salary was 306,000 HUF (1018 USD), while the highest nurse salary was recorded as 917,000 HUF (3051 USD).

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